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Should I Buy An Embroidery Machine With Everything?

Posted by Joan on July 14, 2006

About Embroidery Machines
By Robert Thatcher

What happens when you combine the old hobby of stitching designs to a cloth or fabric with computer technology? You get an embroidery machine! Before embroidery is being done by hand that meticulously and painstakingly takes for several hours to finish. With the development of the embroidery machine, the process narrows down to a mere few minutes and even seconds. What is good about embroidery machine is that accuracy and perfection is always assured every time the needle starts to move. Since it is computer generated, every stroke of needle is assured to land on the right spot.

About Embroidery Machines

If you are considering buying an embroidery machine, here are some things you should do:

Thinking about buying an embroidery machine? Wondering if you should go for one with all the bells and whistles? Maybe you should read this first!

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Special Instructions For Machine Embroidering On Denim!

Posted by Joan on July 13, 2006

Embroidery Designs Sewing
By Terry Carter

Denim is a twill weave and runs diagonally and any diagonal weave is difficult to control, whether you are attempting construction sewing or machine embroidery. Twills are designed to give the wearer ultimate wearing comfort by the natural “give” it has. That’s why we all love our chinos & jeans! However, this comfort quality presents a real problem for machine embroidery enthusiasts.

It is essential to keep fabric “blocked” while cutting, assembling, and stitching either regular seaming or machine embroidery. From cutting out pattern pieces to hooping denim for embroidery, you will experience a challenge of keeping the fabric “blocked” squarely. If you’re a quilter, you know exactly what blocking is. If you’re not a quilter it simply means keeping the grain of the weave, in both cross & straight directions, straight or square.

Embroidery Designs Sewing

This article grabbed my eye because I’m eager to embellish jeans. It looks like there’s a lot of important prep work to do before stitching something delicious all over jeans legs and hips. Who knew?

This guy!

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Embroidery Machines Plus Classes Equals Fun And Profit!

Posted by Joan on July 13, 2006

Embroidery Machines
by Alison Cole

Embroidery has been a popular form of commercial venture and leisure pursuit that allows us to customize and personalize our garments and belongings to suit our taste, fashion and inclination. It is the art or handicraft of creating or decorating a design on a piece of fabric or other similar materials with ornamental needlework. It is done either by using a manual sewing machine or a specially designed, computerized embroidery machine.

Modern, computerized machines have made embroidery more intricate and complex. With their ease and less cost, the use of the manual machines is falling out of good turn. A portable unit may be less than 30 inches in width and 180 pounds in weight. Some operate quietly and won’t disturb any conversation or your neighbors’ sleep.

Embroidery Machines

This overview on machines suggests taking classes. Even if you’re not into school, how could a class in using an embroidery machine be anything but fun?

Have you ever seen a machine operating with no one around? It draws me like a magnet and I become hypnotized while it stitches and gradually reveals the mysterious design.

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Can Polyester Or Rayon Embroidery Thread Take High Heat?

Posted by Joan on July 13, 2006

Embroidered Potholders
Maybe not such a good idea???

I’m on a potholder making kick right now (I do tend to go in spurts on various projects!). So far, I’m just making ordinary potholders with insulbrite, warm n natural batting, top, bottom, and quilting it all, then bias tape around the edge. I got the bright idea that it might be fun to do some with

That was the question posted on the Pfaff forum by Linda.

It looks like both work well. The photo shows potholders made by Laura who says she’s given them as gifts and used them with no trouble at all.

Good to know.

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Here's A Great Overview of Machine Embroidery Success Tips!

Posted by Joan on July 12, 2006

Custom Embroidery Tips

… Author: George Royal

There are important considerations you have to bear in mind before creating or ordering your own, custom embroidery designs. For D-I-Y (Do-it-yourself) people, it is easy to get yourself a hi-tech embroidery machine complete with digitized programs, but the quality of your work will depend on your own artistic instincts and …
King of Crafts View Technorati URL search

Here are the basics professionals and old hands at machine embroidery know. Now you can know too! Read ’em and rejoice.

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Make Free-Range Embroidery You Can Put On And Take Off!

Posted by Joan on July 11, 2006

On The Move – Machine Embroidery Applique — Sew News Library

Machine Embroidery Applique

On The Move

By Darlene Geisendorff Guillory

Create An Illusion

Floating appliqués can give the illusion that an embroidery design is stitched directly into the fabric, or it can appear to be an overlay or three-dimensional. Whatever the desired effect, a few simple guidelines will help you create easy, moveable embellishments. Take a basic business suit from day to evening, or a favorite shirt from one holiday to another.

The trick is to first create the hooped embroidery appliqué on a water-soluble stabilizer. Remove the stabilizer, then attach the appliqué to the garment. This method is easier than working directly on a garment and gives you design placement options before attaching the appliqué.

Nervous about correct placement of your embroidery? Try this technique. Here you make your design separate from any garment so you can then use it anywhere.

Seems to me like a good way to first stick your toe into the vast ocean of embroidery possibilities. Check it out to see how to do 3-D machine appliques and who designed what you see in the photo.

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Now, Where Did I Put That Embroidery Design?

Posted by Joan on July 10, 2006

Keeping Track of Embroidery Design Files

crane design

Follow these tips for labeling and tracking changes to your digital embroidery design files

by Jill McCloy

Embroidery editing software is a wonderful accessory to your embroidery machine and the designs you’ve purchased. It enables you to transform existing designs into new ones, without having to start from scratch and learn digitizing.

When you’re editing embroidery designs, you’re likely to create many, slightly different versions of a design—and you’re just as likely to lose track of the various files you’ve made if you don’t have an efficient identification system. Here are some naming conventions I’ve developed that help me manage my edited files. I invite you to try them too so you don’t find yourself wondering which design goes with which file name.

For many of us creative types, chaos is a challenge. You know what I’m talking about.

Here are excellent tips from an expert for keeping your tweaked embroidery designs at your fingertips!

Otherwise, you’ll find that Halloween design long after the holiday when you’re looking for something else. Not that I would know anything about lost things. Yeah, right.

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Crucial Embroidery Thread Selection Tips!

Posted by Joan on July 9, 2006

Choosing Embroidery Thread

Author: George Royal

Selecting the right type of threads for any embroidery work is important because the color and texture of the design, and eventually the look of the final product depend on the material and type of thread used. There’s a wide variety of embroidery thread to choose from, so take your time to decide what type or combination should be best for the design you have in mind. More importantly, thread selections should be based on Sewability, Seam Performance and Appearance, Availability and Cost.

Hey, beginner embroiderers! Here’s a valuable article listing all the types of machine embroidery thread and how they compare and hold up while stitching.

This is good to know. My daughter got all excited about creating designs with thread that glows in the dar. After just a few projects, she lost all her enthusiasm for it. Compared to the sheen of rayon, the glow-in-the-dark thread was dull and matte. It was splitty to sew with. One design she stitched called for a big fat letter ‘O’ and she smashed three or four needles before she finished that letter alone.

She had to stop every fourth stitch and loosen the thread, which saved breaking the needle, but made for less smooth stitching tension. She finished the job, but it lacked finesse to say the least. No more sewing with glow in the dark thread for her, she says.

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Great Tutorial To Create Designs For Any Embroidery Machine!

Posted by Joan on July 9, 2006

Design Preparation
Frustrated with trying to create your own machine embroidery designs?

Design Preparation by Carolyn Keber is a great tutorial for anyone with any embroidery machine. If you want to create your own designs, there are things you need to do BEFORE trying to use your embroidery software.

Carolyn’s clear instructions are easy to follow and fun. No more grinding of teeth or bitter disappointment with trying to create the design you need and want. Isn’t that great?

Here’s the link:


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Machine Embroidery Software That Twists Your Words!

Posted by Joan on July 9, 2006

Text Designing

Okay, here’s a particular love of mine. I love lettering. I love fonts and colors and all that. Add distortion to the mix and I’m in heaven. Is it just me?

Now there’s software to create it. Yum!

Lettering and monogramming: The integrated lettering feature allows you to choose from a wide range of styles, which can be fully customised to suit your individual design requirements. The lettering can even be distorted to fit any shape you need.

Domestic embroidery design creation and lettering software from perito home sewing

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