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Amazing Embroidery: Applique, Dimensional, Cutwork, Fringing!

Posted by Joan on July 16, 2006

Embroidery Machine Essentials, Jeanine TwiggEmbroidery Machine Essentials, Jeanine Twigg

Amazon.com: Embroidery Machine Essentials: Basic Techniques : 20 Designs and Project Ideas to Develop Your Embroidery Skills (Jeanine Twigg’s Companion Project Series): Books: Jeanine Twigg

There I was minding my own business cruising the web when Bam! Look what I found!

It’s a book called Embroidery Machine Essentials by Jeanine Twigg and covers what she calls basic techniques. Now I’m the first to tell you that enthusiastic as I am about machine embroidery, I’m brand new to it.

Did you have any idea you could make fringed designs with an embroidery machine? I sure didn’t. I ordered the book yesterday, was told it’s on its way to me and I can’t wait!

I’ll be elbowing my daughter aside and using her machine to try out everything in the book. So a review of the book is coming up. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, did you ever go to Amazon.com and order a book? I particularly love the used ones, because I’m what you might call frugal betimes. A whole house full of frugal buys. Hmm.

Jeanine Twigg has other books, you see. Look out.

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Want Mental Stability? Use Embroidery Stabilizer!

Posted by Joan on July 14, 2006

Embroidery Stabilizing for Machine Embroidering
By Sandy Carter

Here are some tips to get good results with your embroidery designs sewing.

1. When it’s possible, run your outline stitching first, this will help stabilize your fabric even further!

2. I prefer layering solvy while stitching out a design to add dimension. Sometimes the “film” solvy can get a bit heavy using this technique, causing stiffness and can be difficult to remove. We’ve found a great “web” type that gets the job done with less stiffness and is super easy to remove! The film type soluble is still best for the base layer & I use it for every design I stitch on any fabric that water will not harm.

3. We’ve all heard the “stabilize, stabilize, …” To the point that I’m now seeing a lot of you over stabilizing! This creates as many problems as you’re trying to eliminate and wasting money. Don’t over stabilize, use 1 or 2 layers of the correct stabilizer. Ask us about our commercial backings to get the best possible results for all your embroidery needs!

Embroidery Stabilizing for Machine Embroidering

Even though I don’t have my own embroidery machine (big YET), I learned the importance of stabilizing as a tailor.

Sometimes I’ve had to repair a garment that had a bit of torn lace. And if I just try to stitch where something is missing, the new part wants to bubble up and get all stretched out. Yikes!

So read the rest of this article and stay out of trouble. Trying to come back later and mash the stupid ridges of stitches flat with a steam iron is no fun.

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Special Instructions For Machine Embroidering On Denim!

Posted by Joan on July 13, 2006

Embroidery Designs Sewing
By Terry Carter

Denim is a twill weave and runs diagonally and any diagonal weave is difficult to control, whether you are attempting construction sewing or machine embroidery. Twills are designed to give the wearer ultimate wearing comfort by the natural “give” it has. That’s why we all love our chinos & jeans! However, this comfort quality presents a real problem for machine embroidery enthusiasts.

It is essential to keep fabric “blocked” while cutting, assembling, and stitching either regular seaming or machine embroidery. From cutting out pattern pieces to hooping denim for embroidery, you will experience a challenge of keeping the fabric “blocked” squarely. If you’re a quilter, you know exactly what blocking is. If you’re not a quilter it simply means keeping the grain of the weave, in both cross & straight directions, straight or square.

Embroidery Designs Sewing

This article grabbed my eye because I’m eager to embellish jeans. It looks like there’s a lot of important prep work to do before stitching something delicious all over jeans legs and hips. Who knew?

This guy!

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