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Needles and Thread VS Cats and Dogs–Safety Tips

Posted by Joan on July 16, 2006

Quilters report that they spend an average of $1K on vet bills to save a cat that has ingested thread.

Linda, a quilter, wrote with a very sad story about how her beloved cat died from swallowing too much thread. The thread blocked the cat’s intestines. Since I posted Linda’s story on this Web page many more sewers have written to me to tell me how their cats have also died from eating thread. Or sewing notions like pins.

Cats love sewing baskets. They love to play with the tools we use to sew and a spool of thread is a marvelous toy to bat across the floor. But please, please keep an eye on your cat as she’s playing with things she might ingest. Cats are like children and will chew and swallow anything they can get in their mouth. Several sewers have written to say that if you spot your cat sucking up thread as if it were spaghetti you should not necessarily pull it from the cat’s mouth, since the thread may already be down in the intestines. Take your cat to an emergency animal hospital and have a veterinarian remove the thread!

Cats (and People) Who Quilt

Here are valuable safety tips for animal-loving quilters, tailors, embroiderers and anyone playing with thread and needles. It’s a fabulous article with lots of ideas for keeping the fuzzy ones safe.

I know firsthand about this topic from my decades as a tailor. I’m so fanatical about picking up dropped pins, I even spy them on the floor in stores–and can’t resist picking them up.

Ask me how it feels to rediscover loose pins in my pocket. I’m well trained and don’t even bleed when I prick my fingers any more.

My bleeding heart is another matter. Please read the article.  It could save a life.

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See What's Fashionable This Year And Embroider It!

Posted by Joan on July 15, 2006

Fall fashions range from glam to rebellious at MAGIC, Fashion Week

Fall is taking a muted approach for 2006, playing off the neutral colors popular this spring: dark blues, greens, blacks and heather greys are combining with power suits, sweater dresses and dramatic outerwear for next season’s fashion. Based on attendance at New York Fashion Week and at the MAGIC show, here are some key trends for women’s wear for fall 2006, broken down by category:

* Outerwear: Capes, capelets, hooded trench coats and toggle coats were seen on the runways of designers like Marc Jacobs, Derek Lam, Lacoste, Tuleh and Cloak. At MAGIC, long, wool jackets and pea coats with exaggerated collars were seen in nearly every fashion show. Blazers made out of velvet and corduroy also made prominent appearances.

Fall fashions range from glam to rebellious at MAGIC, Fashion Week DSN Retailing Today – Find Articles

Want to create something stunning to wear? How can you miss if you start with the latest style and color that suits you, then add custom embroidery?

I get lots of good ideas as I scan this article. Do you?

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Personalized Embroidered Shirt Gift Ideas!

Posted by Joan on July 15, 2006

An Embroidery Shirt Makes A Great Gift

If you know someone that loves embroidery designs, and appreciates all of the hard work that goes into embroidery, you will love the chance of making that special person an embroidery shirt that they will love to wear. Wether you embroidery by hand or machine, you will find that this is a hobby that many people love. While not everyone is skilled enough to embroidery their own things, you can surprise the people that mean the most to you by making them a special gift.

When you are choosing a design to place onto an embroidery shirt, keep in mind the recipients favorite things. Maybe the person that you are thinking about making this gift for loves flowers and roses. Perhaps they are into the beautiful colors that you find on butterflies or even birds. You could come up with your own design for the shirt that you are embroidering, or maybe get inspiration from pictures that you have been looking at as well. If you embroider by machine, you might have the perfect design in mind. That would be great too, cause it would of course take less time.

Sewing and Embroidery-Embroidery Shirt Gift

This seems like such a simple idea, yet there are so many designs you could do! Customizing a shirt for someone as a gift could include their favorite colors, hobbies, nickname, or pets. Maybe you could tap into their life’s dream of going to Tahiti or owning a Ferrari.

Oh, the possibilities! Check it out.

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Interested In How To Make Money With Embroidery?

Posted by Joan on July 15, 2006

Make Money With Embroidery
by: Doug Mahopac

People are all ages are looking to make extra money. Whether you are planning to supplement your current income or looking to replace an income totally, consider using a hobby like embroidery to make some fast cash. Embroidered items are always popular with all types of shoppers, and you can easily begin an embroidery company with a low overhead for those short of start up funds.

ArticleCity.com – Make Money With Embroidery

I don’t know what it is about me, but every time I become fascinated with a new hobby, I immediately want to know how to make money with it.

You, too? Read this article as a first step toward profiting from your embroidery mania.

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Here's How Embroidery Started As Medicine, Protection, Identification!

Posted by Joan on July 14, 2006

The Magic Character Of Embroidery
By Luda Sonkin

“Home cannot do without embroidery. It rewards, forgives, and cures…” they used to say in ancient times.

Let’s look at the ancient towels and garments: where the pattern is located, what colour the mistress used, what she depicted.

Every element of the pattern can tell a story, it defends, helps, bringing the worlds of the sky and the earth together. In the times of old girls used to embroider dowry for themselves. The towels were given as presents and used to decorate the house.

A thing without embroidery could not appear in the house. Stitch work was the measure of the hostess’s thrift and skills. Only the embroidered items had magic influence and could protect the house and the hosts. Embroidered towels were hanged above the windows and the door so that neither misfortune, nor diseases could find way into the house; the patterns on the tablecloth protected the food and the table. Clothes were embroidered too.

The Magic Character Of Embroidery

I love this article. Why does it appeal to me? I guess because women used their embroidery with all the might of their minds, hearts and souls to nurture and protect themselves and their loved ones. What’s not to like?

Read it. Put some of this heart and soul power into your machine embroidery today.

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Want Mental Stability? Use Embroidery Stabilizer!

Posted by Joan on July 14, 2006

Embroidery Stabilizing for Machine Embroidering
By Sandy Carter

Here are some tips to get good results with your embroidery designs sewing.

1. When it’s possible, run your outline stitching first, this will help stabilize your fabric even further!

2. I prefer layering solvy while stitching out a design to add dimension. Sometimes the “film” solvy can get a bit heavy using this technique, causing stiffness and can be difficult to remove. We’ve found a great “web” type that gets the job done with less stiffness and is super easy to remove! The film type soluble is still best for the base layer & I use it for every design I stitch on any fabric that water will not harm.

3. We’ve all heard the “stabilize, stabilize, …” To the point that I’m now seeing a lot of you over stabilizing! This creates as many problems as you’re trying to eliminate and wasting money. Don’t over stabilize, use 1 or 2 layers of the correct stabilizer. Ask us about our commercial backings to get the best possible results for all your embroidery needs!

Embroidery Stabilizing for Machine Embroidering

Even though I don’t have my own embroidery machine (big YET), I learned the importance of stabilizing as a tailor.

Sometimes I’ve had to repair a garment that had a bit of torn lace. And if I just try to stitch where something is missing, the new part wants to bubble up and get all stretched out. Yikes!

So read the rest of this article and stay out of trouble. Trying to come back later and mash the stupid ridges of stitches flat with a steam iron is no fun.

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Should I Buy An Embroidery Machine With Everything?

Posted by Joan on July 14, 2006

About Embroidery Machines
By Robert Thatcher

What happens when you combine the old hobby of stitching designs to a cloth or fabric with computer technology? You get an embroidery machine! Before embroidery is being done by hand that meticulously and painstakingly takes for several hours to finish. With the development of the embroidery machine, the process narrows down to a mere few minutes and even seconds. What is good about embroidery machine is that accuracy and perfection is always assured every time the needle starts to move. Since it is computer generated, every stroke of needle is assured to land on the right spot.

About Embroidery Machines

If you are considering buying an embroidery machine, here are some things you should do:

Thinking about buying an embroidery machine? Wondering if you should go for one with all the bells and whistles? Maybe you should read this first!

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Special Instructions For Machine Embroidering On Denim!

Posted by Joan on July 13, 2006

Embroidery Designs Sewing
By Terry Carter

Denim is a twill weave and runs diagonally and any diagonal weave is difficult to control, whether you are attempting construction sewing or machine embroidery. Twills are designed to give the wearer ultimate wearing comfort by the natural “give” it has. That’s why we all love our chinos & jeans! However, this comfort quality presents a real problem for machine embroidery enthusiasts.

It is essential to keep fabric “blocked” while cutting, assembling, and stitching either regular seaming or machine embroidery. From cutting out pattern pieces to hooping denim for embroidery, you will experience a challenge of keeping the fabric “blocked” squarely. If you’re a quilter, you know exactly what blocking is. If you’re not a quilter it simply means keeping the grain of the weave, in both cross & straight directions, straight or square.

Embroidery Designs Sewing

This article grabbed my eye because I’m eager to embellish jeans. It looks like there’s a lot of important prep work to do before stitching something delicious all over jeans legs and hips. Who knew?

This guy!

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Embroidery Machines Plus Classes Equals Fun And Profit!

Posted by Joan on July 13, 2006

Embroidery Machines
by Alison Cole

Embroidery has been a popular form of commercial venture and leisure pursuit that allows us to customize and personalize our garments and belongings to suit our taste, fashion and inclination. It is the art or handicraft of creating or decorating a design on a piece of fabric or other similar materials with ornamental needlework. It is done either by using a manual sewing machine or a specially designed, computerized embroidery machine.

Modern, computerized machines have made embroidery more intricate and complex. With their ease and less cost, the use of the manual machines is falling out of good turn. A portable unit may be less than 30 inches in width and 180 pounds in weight. Some operate quietly and won’t disturb any conversation or your neighbors’ sleep.

Embroidery Machines

This overview on machines suggests taking classes. Even if you’re not into school, how could a class in using an embroidery machine be anything but fun?

Have you ever seen a machine operating with no one around? It draws me like a magnet and I become hypnotized while it stitches and gradually reveals the mysterious design.

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Here's A Great Overview of Machine Embroidery Success Tips!

Posted by Joan on July 12, 2006

Custom Embroidery Tips

… Author: George Royal

There are important considerations you have to bear in mind before creating or ordering your own, custom embroidery designs. For D-I-Y (Do-it-yourself) people, it is easy to get yourself a hi-tech embroidery machine complete with digitized programs, but the quality of your work will depend on your own artistic instincts and …
King of Crafts View Technorati URL search

Here are the basics professionals and old hands at machine embroidery know. Now you can know too! Read ’em and rejoice.

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