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Make Free-Range Embroidery You Can Put On And Take Off!

Posted by Joan on July 11, 2006

On The Move – Machine Embroidery Applique — Sew News Library

Machine Embroidery Applique

On The Move

By Darlene Geisendorff Guillory

Create An Illusion

Floating appliqués can give the illusion that an embroidery design is stitched directly into the fabric, or it can appear to be an overlay or three-dimensional. Whatever the desired effect, a few simple guidelines will help you create easy, moveable embellishments. Take a basic business suit from day to evening, or a favorite shirt from one holiday to another.

The trick is to first create the hooped embroidery appliqué on a water-soluble stabilizer. Remove the stabilizer, then attach the appliqué to the garment. This method is easier than working directly on a garment and gives you design placement options before attaching the appliqué.

Nervous about correct placement of your embroidery? Try this technique. Here you make your design separate from any garment so you can then use it anywhere.

Seems to me like a good way to first stick your toe into the vast ocean of embroidery possibilities. Check it out to see how to do 3-D machine appliques and who designed what you see in the photo.

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