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Want To Embroider Some Appliqued Black Cat Silhouettes?

Posted by Joan on July 16, 2006

Stairway to Cat Heaven Design, Barbara Dubovsky
Stairway To Cat Heaven
Designed by Barbara Dubovsky

As every owner of a feline friend knows, when the sun sets, cats are just beginning the day. In a nocturnal celebration, appliquéd kitties frolic up and down the nine-patch “stairs” of this wall hanging, enjoying the glow of the crescent moon. Echo quilting helps create texture in the sky, and low-contrast fabrics mimic the shadows of night.

Stairway to Cat Heaven Quilt Pattern

Yes, I know it’s a quilt pattern, but it’s free and I’m into cats and think this is a great inspiration for an embroidery project. I love the cat silhouettes. Can you see them climbing a pants leg?

Or is that just me?

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3 Responses to “Want To Embroider Some Appliqued Black Cat Silhouettes?”

  1. Bonnie said

    This is wonderful! I love it! Is this pattern for sale? I cannot get the link to open to get the information. Thanks!

  2. Lynn Guest said

    Cat silhoettes

  3. Applique Quilt Patterns…

    […]Want To Embroider Some Appliqued Black Cat Silhouettes? « Embroidery Designs[…]…

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