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Needles and Thread VS Cats and Dogs–Safety Tips

Posted by Joan on July 16, 2006

Quilters report that they spend an average of $1K on vet bills to save a cat that has ingested thread.

Linda, a quilter, wrote with a very sad story about how her beloved cat died from swallowing too much thread. The thread blocked the cat’s intestines. Since I posted Linda’s story on this Web page many more sewers have written to me to tell me how their cats have also died from eating thread. Or sewing notions like pins.

Cats love sewing baskets. They love to play with the tools we use to sew and a spool of thread is a marvelous toy to bat across the floor. But please, please keep an eye on your cat as she’s playing with things she might ingest. Cats are like children and will chew and swallow anything they can get in their mouth. Several sewers have written to say that if you spot your cat sucking up thread as if it were spaghetti you should not necessarily pull it from the cat’s mouth, since the thread may already be down in the intestines. Take your cat to an emergency animal hospital and have a veterinarian remove the thread!

Cats (and People) Who Quilt

Here are valuable safety tips for animal-loving quilters, tailors, embroiderers and anyone playing with thread and needles. It’s a fabulous article with lots of ideas for keeping the fuzzy ones safe.

I know firsthand about this topic from my decades as a tailor. I’m so fanatical about picking up dropped pins, I even spy them on the floor in stores–and can’t resist picking them up.

Ask me how it feels to rediscover loose pins in my pocket. I’m well trained and don’t even bleed when I prick my fingers any more.

My bleeding heart is another matter. Please read the article.  It could save a life.

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