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Personalized Embroidered Shirt Gift Ideas!

Posted by Joan on July 15, 2006

An Embroidery Shirt Makes A Great Gift

If you know someone that loves embroidery designs, and appreciates all of the hard work that goes into embroidery, you will love the chance of making that special person an embroidery shirt that they will love to wear. Wether you embroidery by hand or machine, you will find that this is a hobby that many people love. While not everyone is skilled enough to embroidery their own things, you can surprise the people that mean the most to you by making them a special gift.

When you are choosing a design to place onto an embroidery shirt, keep in mind the recipients favorite things. Maybe the person that you are thinking about making this gift for loves flowers and roses. Perhaps they are into the beautiful colors that you find on butterflies or even birds. You could come up with your own design for the shirt that you are embroidering, or maybe get inspiration from pictures that you have been looking at as well. If you embroider by machine, you might have the perfect design in mind. That would be great too, cause it would of course take less time.

Sewing and Embroidery-Embroidery Shirt Gift

This seems like such a simple idea, yet there are so many designs you could do! Customizing a shirt for someone as a gift could include their favorite colors, hobbies, nickname, or pets. Maybe you could tap into their life’s dream of going to Tahiti or owning a Ferrari.

Oh, the possibilities! Check it out.

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    Personalized Embroidered Shirt Gift Ideas! « Embroidery Designs

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